10/188, Rampur Road, Street No.8, Haldwani, Uttarakhand 263139

Welcome to Agrawal Pet Care Clinic

Agrawal Pet Care Clinic is a leading pet care clinic in Haldwani. We strive with the utmost honesty, integrity, and compassion to provide our clients and their pets with the leading edge of medicine in combination with the utmost devoted care, in a constant effort to exceed their expectations. We treat all pets as if they are our own.

Facilities for your Pets


    Treatments that will best suit your pet’s needs, based on our years of experience as a vet and also on ways that treatment practices are constantly improving.... {+}


    Soft tissue and orthopedic surgery – from spay, neuter to a range of surgical care for pets. The specialty of our surgery is exceptional and unparalleled..... {+}

    Grooming & Boarding

    NO CAGE BOARDING-Many a times you need a home away from home for attending family functions, holidays or even emergency.We are... {+}


    Get your pet vaccinated without paying additional examination fee. Vaccine prices are packaged very reasonably. Please visit us for our ongoing offerings.... {+}